Exposition collective : The Dream as Material
En collaboration avec Charlie Malgat
Lieu: Artrmx, Cologne
Date: 2022

Masques : Charlie Magat + Mathilde Ganancia
Sweat suckers, Drool head, Community shells, Ecstatic bite, Golden envelope, Sudden evanescence
Technique mixte, dimension variable
Sculptures : Jules du Moulin
Métal, dimension variable

“The Dream as Material encourages you to stop making yourself useful. The collective that has put this exhibition together encourage you instead to join them in a daydream, or a dérive, or a Müßiggang. These are dangerous manoeuvres that can seriously damage your sense of adherence to the centre of things, they make you drift off. Indeed they have been proven so dangerous that they seem to be strictly rationed in the contemporary to those who can either most afford them, or are willing to sacrifice the most to make use of them. You can’t be on the clock and have a wander, you have to at least pretend to check your phone, and that very important phone call just has to be taken outside in the sunshine. Welcome to inverse Calvinism.“

Extrait du texte d’exposition de Christopher Honowski

Texte : Neutral 
En collaboration avec Charlie Malgat
Contribution au magazine Mystery Train de Yoni Hong