Exposition collective : That’s what I like about you
Commissaire : Rafaela Lopez
Lieu : Glassbox
Date : 2016
Avec : Bertrand Dezoteux, Samuel Fouracre, Mathilde Ganancia, Patrick Goddard, Marco Godoy, Rachel Maclean, Izzy McEvoy, Justin Meekel, Laura O’Neill, David Perreard, Sam Tierney

Texte de Frank Abruzzese :

Mathilde Ganancia’s two videos are rooted in her experience at the 2014 National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska, Co Laois. SHOOT juxtaposes footage of faces in a crowd at the ploughing championships with audio recorded at a fashion shoot. The unobtrusive camera shakes violently with faces almost imperceptibly passing through the frame until the footage slows to reveal a revelatory gaze, intimately illustrating different states; a resentment towards having their image recorded, being trapped within a crowd or their working conditions. Audio from the conflicting social space of the fashion shoot collides with this footage while being simultaneously synced with events unfolding on screen. Navigating between these places, different subjectivities are revealed; the fair in relation to the interior space of the subject, the gap between the subject and the camera and the space between the viewer and the screen. Genuinely Double-Sided illustrates the artist’s naive perception of traditional hand milking methods with the realities of current industrialized farming practice. This collision is represented through a grotesque double-sided puppet; one side displaying a corporate video promoting the latest milking machine, and the other, a clumsy animation spinning and crashing down under the weight of its own decorations.

Extrait, “Shoot”, 5min, HD, 2015